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About the Guiding Compass

Central to our work to uncover the design of individuals and organizations is our compass. This compass is a tool to visualize the four fundamental questions all leaders and organizations must answer.

  1. WHO are you?
  2. HOW will you operate?
  3. WHAT are you going to accomplish?
  4. WHY do you exist?

All companies typically define Mission, Vision, and Values, but the compass introduces the important and often overlooked concept of DNA. In other words, a leader’s or organization’s Purpose should flow out of its own DNA — the unique characteristics that differentiate it from others.

This compass provides a guide for all leaders on their journey to Great Purpose, and the Newton Institute is no different.

Newton Institute Compass

Starting with DNA enables leaders,
teams, and organizations to flourish.

LEADERS: The most effective leaders understand how to
leverage their unique design to best serve their team and

TEAMS: Teams flourish when each member’s design is
understood, respected, and received.

ORGANIZATIONS: Understanding your organization’s design
will help guide and align your Purpose, Mission, and Values.




It’s important for individuals to clarify their personal compass so they can have greater confidence and clarity about who they are and what they were born to accomplish

This tool will help individuals identify more opportunities where they can live from their design and experience greater fulfillment in their daily lives.



Get clarity about who you are as an organization, where you are going, and why. The compass helps you make better decisions, attract quality people, and foster commitment within the team.

Defining your own guiding compass will help you communicate clearly with your team and ensure each member is aligned.

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