Our journey: past, present, and future.


When Rick Newton, the founder of Aspirant (formerly Newton Consulting), wanted Serving Leadership to be one of his core values, he had no idea that the journey he started in 2003 would culminate in a partnership with Dr. John Stahl-Wert. That partnership was formalized at the beginning of 2015 when Rick acquired John’s company to form the Newton Institute and fulfill the dreams of these two industry leaders.

For Rick, it provides a way for his passion to be fulfilled, which is to see the Great Purpose of individuals, organizations, and communities to be realized. For John, it provided the resources necessary to scale his unique thought leadership to a worldwide audience. Together, they are equipping leaders to make a transformational difference in the world by first making a difference in their world.

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Central to the Serving Leader Model℠ is a tool called the Serving Leader Compass℠. This compass answers the four fundamental questions all leaders and organizations must ask. Who am I? How will I operate? What am I going to do? And Why am I doing it? This compass provides a guide for all leaders on their journey to Great Purpose, and the Newton Institute is no different.

All companies typically define Mission, Vision, and Values, but the Serving Leader Compass introduces the importance of DNA. In other words, a leader’s or organization’s Great Purpose should flow out of it’s own DNA — the unique characteristics that differentiate it from others.

This compass provides a guide for all leaders on their journey to Great Purpose, and the Newton Institute is no different. Below is how we answer the four questions, and together, they provide the guiding principles that keep our team aligned towards Newton Institute’s Great Purpose: To Make a Better World Through Better Leadership.

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Inspiring and Equipping Leaders
to Awaken, Align, and Achieve
Great Purpose

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Serving Leadership

Leadership is a platform to serve others. The greater the role, the greater the responsibility to serve.

Holistic Approach

We address the whole person (body, mind, spirit) by providing leadership training that is both comprehensive and integrated.


Real results come from changes in behavior, not just changes in thinking.


Meaningful and interdependent connections with other leaders, are not only necessary to achieve Great Purpose, they are their own reward in and of themselves.


Everything we do from content creation to delivery is crafted to provide the best experience and greatest impact for our customers.

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To catalyze a global movement of leaders who embrace the principles of Serving Leadership.

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To make a better world through better leadership.


Rick Newton

Rick Newton

Founder & Ownder

About Rick

As the Founder of the award-winning Newton Family of Companies, Rick provides the vision, leadership, and passion to direct, manage, and grow each company in service to Great Purpose. As the Chief Purpose Officer, he ensures each Company is rooted in the principles of serving leadership and is relentlessly customer-focused and values-driven.

With over 25 years of management consulting experience, Rick possesses a relatively rare combination of strategy, management, and technology skills that enables him to be highly effective across a broad range of roles, which he now employs to serve the Newton Institute.

John Stahl-Wert

John Stahl-Wert


About John

Dr. John Stahl-Wert is a best-selling author and internationally known speaker, whose specialty is making Serving Leadership intensely practical for results-oriented leaders worldwide. John is a Senior Fellow for the Center for Executive Leadership and serves as adjunct faculty in the doctoral program at the Ray Bakke Centre for Urban Transformation (Hong Kong).

John serves as the President of Newton Institute which provides innovative leadership solutions based on The 5 Actions℠ described in John’s best-selling book, The Serving Leader.

Jim Myers

Jim Myers

Chief Operating Officer

About Jim

Jim is a Senior Business and IT Leader with over 30 years of management consulting and executive experience in a broad range of roles and responsibilities. A consummate team player with deep experience in operations, Jim combines uncommon vision with an exceptional ability to plan and deliver on that vision.

As COO, Jim ensures the necessary team, business processes, technologies and programs are in-place to support the achievement of Newton Institute’s strategic vision and mission.

Sonal Kumar

Sonal Kumar

Senior Consultant

About Sonal

With more than 20 years of leadership and organizational development experience, Dr. Sonal Kumar serves as a senior consultant with the Newton Institute. Before joining Newton, she served as a leadership partner/coach to physician and administrative leaders at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and as the Director of Doctor of Arts in Leadership Studies at Franklin Pierce University, where she developed and taught courses in leadership, strategic management, organization development, human resource management, and training and development.

Dr. Kumar is passionate about helping existing and aspiring leaders to embrace the principles of Serving Leadership and has successfully helped academic, clinical, and non-clinical departments with strategic planning, HR planning, structuring and restructuring, affiliation and integration, system and service line performance, demand forecasting, and business opportunity identification. Sonal holds her Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Behavior.

John Chapman

John Chapman

Director, Business & Partner Development

About John

John is an accomplished leader in strategic growth, sales, and marketing and has a passion for communicating the life and world-changing message of Serving Leadership.

John’s focus at the Newton Institute is to ensure our services align with the marketplace as well as to develop strategic partner alliances that will extend, multiply, and enable the accomplishment of our common Great Purpose. On a day-to-day basis, John meets with clients and partners to build and strengthen relationships, better understand their specific needs, and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.

Josh Newton

Josh Newton

Manager, Technical Marketing

About Josh

Josh is an accomplished professional with expertise across multiple disciplines, including software and web development, marketing, and leadership training.

As the Newton Institute’s Technical Marketing Manager, Josh ensures the company’s technical infrastructure provides the marketplace with superior content, community, and connectivity. As a Senior Training Consultant and certified coach in StrengthsFinder and Predictive Index, Josh fulfills his passion to help individuals and teams reach their full potential.

Joe Shannon

Joe Shannon

Senior Creative Consultant

About Joe

Joe is a talented visual and creative designer who supports many functions within the Newton Institute, including marketing, communications, curriculum, and training delivery. Among his many talents, Joe demonstrates expertise in graphic design, web design, marketing layout, and video production.

Joe is particularly adept at building trust and credibility within the team by listening to the team’s ideas and vision; offering substantive feedback and suggestions; and then helping to make the vision a reality through the appropriate visual communication medium.

John Weisman

John Weisman

Senior Creative Consultant

About John

John is an accomplished and seasoned writer and designer with over 20 years of leadership, marketing, and creative experience. John supports both the marketing and delivery functions within Newton Institute creating collateral for client engagements as well as being an integral part to content marketing efforts.

John is expecially skilled at capturing and telling stories. His ability to articulate the value experienced by our partners and clients provides the building blocks for spreading the message of Serving Leadership to world.

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